Responsible breeders keep records

For as long as mankind have bred and raised dogs, we’ve been keeping notes on the progress of our companions. Responsible breeders take a great deal of care in recording all the information about their litters.

Breeders have kept paper-based records for centuries. Until now…

PuppyFat App is a smartphone application designed to record all the information about your dogs, litters and puppies. Helping you to record this information frees-up more time to find the perfect forever-homes for your litter. PuppyFat uses the information provided by breeders to verify the welfare of the puppies so prospective owners can trust that they’re buying from a caring, responsible breeder.

This is my first litter of puppies, and PuppyFat was recommended to me by another breeder friend. This app has been absolutely amazing! As someone who appreciates organization, streamlining, and graphs, this app has been a little bit of sanity within this whole process. It’s so nice to have everything in one place and available at your fingertips!!
— Kim McKloskey