Our Vision

We believe that software should enable you to get back to your passion of raising healthy, happy and well-socialised pets.

PuppyFat has a vision of a world where breeders can fully concentrate on the health and wellbeing of their animals. Without the burden of tiresome hand-written notes.

PuppyFat has three key objectives: to enable breeders to log their data instantly; store their data securely; and share it seamlessly with vets and puppy parents.
— Mike (Founder)

The Problem

Does this look familiar?

Breeders throughout the world are united by three common problems:

  1. Keeping all your dog breeding records organised and “in one place”

  2. Sharing/replicating those records efficiently with others; vets, customers, marketplaces (for advertising litters), other breeders

  3. Remembering what to do and when (which bitches are in heat, when to do vaccines, tests, etc.)

PuppyFat is striving to solve all three!

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 15.17.13.png

The Solution

PuppyFat is a cloud-based mobile app (with a desktop version coming soon!)

  • Keep your records in your pocket. They’re with you, wherever you go!

  • Export records to PDF for quick sharing via email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.*

  • Built-in reminders with push-notifications and calendar sync. Specific to each dog, but quickly replicable for the user.*

*These features are due for release this year (2019)!