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The PuppyFat Blog – Our first post

Welcome to the PuppyFat blog!

My name is Mike, and I’m the founder of PuppyFat. The purpose of our blog is to keep you fully up to date on our company news, along with information about the exciting software updates you can expect in the coming weeks and months!

From time to time, we hope to include other post categories such as guest blogs and breeders’ top tips.

To summarise, the PuppyFat blog will cover the following topics:

  • The latest product updates
  • Features coming soon
  • Company news
  • Guest posts
  • Top tips for breeders

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A little about me (Mike)

Mike White, Founder of PuppyFat

I grew up in a small countryside village in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by animals, from dogs and cats to horses, chickens, geese and ducks.

After studying Business & Enterprise Management at university, I joined my family business supplying incubators for breeding and veterinary use. Our customers included some of the largest and most prestigious breeders, wildlife conservationists and veterinarians in the UK. It was in this role that I developed my knowledge and passion for animal breeding.

My love affair with software began with the release of my first iPhone app back in 2012 – a simple breeding assistant for hatching chickens. But when I was introduced to dog breeding in 2018, I knew that I’d found an area in which I could combine all my experience and enthusiasm to help change people’s (and animals’) lives for the better.

If you have any questions about PuppyFat, drop them in the comments below.

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