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We search our database of breeders who are using our PuppyFat app. Breeders use our app to maintain first-class records on the history and welfare of their pups.

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Using your information and preferences, we match you with a local, responsible breeder, who’s records have been independently verified by us.

Our ‘secret ingredient’ - The PuppyFat App

The PuppyFat App is an app designed specifically for dog breeders with the purpose of helping them keep better records.

The app records daily weights, feeds and any treatments given to the pups. There’s also space to record all the pedigree history of the puppies to ensure it’s from a line of healthy, happy dogs.

At PuppyFat HQ, we can use the data that breeders enter into the app, to verify the authenticity and welfare of every puppy on our platform and - with the breeder’s permission - share the details of any puppies looking for a new family.

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