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You asked for it, we created it… PDF Exports have arrived

You asked for it, we created it… PDF Exports have arrived

In 2018, we set up our PuppyFat User Community on Facebook, a place where we could talk directly to our users and get feedback from real-life breeders and design the app to suit their everyday needs. 

The community has now grown to over 750 members, all sharing their breeder experiences and challenges, and sometimes even coming up with ideas for new features and functions for PuppyFat. 

A popular request has been the ability to export puppy and dog records from the PuppyFat app to PDF so they could be easily shared with vets, collaborating breeders, industry professionals and buyers via email or another messaging platform. 

We’ve now created and launched that feature and it’s available on version 3.1.8 and later. 

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Learn more about how to export your breeder records to PDF here.

As always, we’re continuously working hard to bring new features and functionality to the app and it’s our community of passionate, caring and responsible breeders who help drive this development forward. 

Whether you’re a PuppyFat subscriber or not, you can join our FREE Facebook community and have your say on what features you’d like to see in the app. 

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Want to save time securely logging, storing and sharing your breeder records?

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