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The journey so far

PuppyFat started life in 2018 as a simple weight-tracking app for breeders.

Whilst there are hundreds and thousands of health-tracking apps for regular pets, there was no app that was capable of tracking multiple litters, each containing multiple puppies.

After the initial designs were complete, I found some amazingly helpful breeders on Facebook and founded the PuppyFat Facebook community to help gather early feedback and ideas for development.

Here’s how most breeders were keeping track of puppy weights pre-PuppyFat:

How most breeders were keeping track of puppy weights pre PuppyFat

And here’s how breeders are keeping puppy records with PuppyFat…

How breeders are keeping puppy records with PuppyFat

During this time, we implemented the following features:

  • Metric & imperial units, kg & Ib
  • Dam and sire notes fields
  • Microchip number records
  • Deceased option on each pup
  • Date of birth for all dogs
  • Male vs female puppy counts

Winter – Spring 2018/19

From winter to spring, the focus was on growth and word-spreading.

We went from tens to hundreds of breeders in a matter of weeks. During this time the feedback and positivity from our early users were truly outstanding!

But, it was clear that PuppyFat was destined for something greater than just a simple app. We had nearly 50 telephone conversations with breeders, breed clubs, researchers and vets to gather information for the next stages of development.

PuppyFat began taking steps from being a simple breeder app, to fully-fledged breeder software.

Now (Summer 2019)

We’re laying the foundations of a full breeder platform.This involves working on the following features:

  • User Logins – Each PuppyFat user will have their own unique log-in and account
  • Cloud backup – Automatically synced to an online database, every account will be backed up to the cloud for full security and portability.
  • Re-vamped look & feel – We’re improving the design and navigation of the app to make it even easier to use.
  • PDF & CSV exports – With this feature, you’ll be able to share your records easily with whoever you wish, straight from your phone or tablet!
  • Desktop version – PuppyFat is becoming more than just an app. In 2019 we’ll be releasing a full web-enabled version too!

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